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Il Gioco

Just One Line (JOL) è un videogioco di Ruolo a Storia Interattiva Indie.
Caratteristiche principali:

Choices Matter

A lot of games say so, but we think none truly mean it. All our quests are linked together and have different paths according to your race, background, attributes and choices made in previous quests.

Your character, your story

Build your character as you wish. Start by choosing a race and background, go ahead with some aesthetic customization and finally shape him into a valorous hero or a ruthless villain. Morality and honor will change according to your choices.

Will you be the best?

When you resign your character you can compete with other players in the leaderboards to be the most renown hero of the kingdom!

Made with Unity 3D

La Squadra

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Andrea D’Angelo

Game Designer – 3D Artist
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Mirco Pazzaglia

Programmer – Project Manager
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Marco Pennacchietti

Concept Artist – 2D Artist

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