Community Quest Editor in Open Alpha!

Greetings fellow Adventurers!

We have great news to share with you today: we are glad to announce the first release of the Just One Line – Community Quest Editor (JCQE)!

The tool is online now and available to all our Steam players. It is worth noting that the tool is in an alpha stage at the moment and issues may arise and features will be added(, changed, removed) during development.

Here is a list of features:

  • Use a fun and easy-to-use tool resembling the game interface.
  • Create brand new stories.
  • Make up your own characters: trustworthy allies or fearsome enemies?
  • Write about new and extraordinary locations.
  • Create events for the player to take part in.
  • Choose what to check when branching your storyline (attributes, relationships, race, background, gender, etc!).
  • Choose consequences for the player’s actions!
  • Add traps, fights and (de)buffs!
  • Entwint your quest(s) with other player’s quests or with your previous quests. Create follow-up quests (or prequels).
  • Make the game remember about specific events during your quests.
  • Play-test your quests while you write them.
  • Submit the quests to the Steam Workshop: the best and high-quality quests -by JOL Studio’s and the Community’s approval- will be added to the game.

The best thing about the Community Quest Editor is that it is completely free to anyone owning a Steam copy of the game!

CLICK HERE to head to the editor. It runs on your modern web browser, no need to install any additional software!

Please remember to READ THE AGREEMENT AND USER GUIDE before logging in to the editor platform.

We are excited and can’t wait to see what you all will come up with and your interesting ways of turning your imagination into a JOL quest.

Here is a list of features and issues we will be dealing with during the next stages of development. Some may be addressed, some may be not… in any case those are things we are aware of:

  • Users can only write quests in languages that JOL Studios can understand in revisioning. At the moment only English and Italian quests will be accepted.
  • Prompt for confirmation on situation/fight/interaction deletion.
  • Icons and UI improvements.
  • Interaction copy and paste.
  • Search in whole situation text in “Next Situation” window.
  • Quest map (overview).
  • Display confirmation when deleting an important interaction/fight.
  • Check other users’ public quests, fights and interactions.
  • Bookmark fights.
  • Add character counters.
  • Update texts globally in the UI when editing fields (bookmarks, navigation, quest title, etc).
  • Warn when there still exists a check on a deleted important fight/interaction.
  • “If-Else” for terminal nodes (succ/fail).
  • Editor localization in other languages.
  • Read-only mode for “In Review” or “Accepted/Published” quests.
  • Quest autosave.
  • Buttons to delete the notes content.
  • Tooltip on next situation (both fail and success) containing a snippet of the following situation.
  • Option to delete a quest (while in progress).
  • UI responsive for small displays.
  • Convenient way to jump to a specific situation.
  • Feature to swap first situation of a quest with another one.
  • Coloring for different types of situations in the prompt.
  • List of interactions leading to the current situation.
  • ESC to close windows.

If you have any issue to report or you want to leave a feedback and give us suggestions please vist our Steam Community Hub and Join our Discord!

Enjoy and have fun!

Patch Changelog:

  • Dead-end in “Un-arranged” Marriage fixed. (Thanks to krbrowning)
  • Lights option is now properly stored.
  • Quest Editor button added to the main menu.

The Humble Servants of the King,
– JOL Studios

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