The Backgrounds

There are many congregations of people in the Kingdom, some you could call them “factions” while others “guilds” or “clans”. Each of those groups has its own business to keep going, may it be defending the Kingdom, finding treasures or manipulating the aristocracy. As you might expect from a living world as the one of Just One Line, each congregation interacts by hindering or collaborating with one another. Working with them means you have a specific background akin to their business. You, as a hero/villain of the Kingdom, may choose one of the 10 backgrounds available, each with a unique set of features and benefits. When you are on quest, thanks to our reputation system, you will be able to increase or decrease your reputation in respect to each faction and will be able to unlock new backgrounds for your next playthroughs.

Background Trio


Join the “Tricked Witch Fellowship”

Background: adventurer.

The professionals of this job: enter the dungeon, kill the monsters, take the loot! If you join the Tricked Witch Fellowship there is one word to describe what you are looking for: adventure. But also money! They are specialists of ruins exploration and quest solving. They developed a curious “luck” that seems to help them in the most peculiar ways.


Join the “Shield Brothers”

Background: warrior.

The most trained and reliable fighters of the Kingdom. These guys seriously like weapons and armors! There is no technique they don’t know, there is no move they can not perform and there is no weapon they can’t wield. When you need versatility and efficiency the Warriors of the Shield Brothers are the best.


Join the “Magi Counsil”

Background: mage.

The most talented enchanters often choose to quit their studies to learn on the field how to use magic! When a student of the Counsil completes his/her training, sometimes you can see them traveling the land offering their magic for any kind of work: from repairing a broken wagon in a snap to setting the house of your hated neighbor on fire!


Join the “Hounds”

Background: hunter.

They can hunt a deer, kill the wolves who threaten your sheeps and even help you if a band of goblin is raiding your village! The hunters help the common folks as their job. No matter the problem, they’re ready to help. Sometimes just for the glory, sometimes for some coins, other times for sense of justice or personal interest. Someone just for killing things.


Keep following us! Many more backgrounds are yet to come…


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