The Inn

“Greetings Traveler!”

The innkeeper – standing back turned behind the bar – loudly addresses to you: “How was your last quest? Come, have a fresh drink!”



The inn is your headquarter… well kind of! The innkeeper let you stay there and he is so kind he leaves a note on the questboard every time the people of the Kingdom need help!



On the wall there is a big board with lots of notes on it: the quests. Click on each for inspecting it up close and you will be able to read the description and the reward (among other info). At this point, you can choose if accepting the quest or discarding it in order to clean the board allowing for new quests to be posted.



You usually leave your stuff right below the questboard: here you can access the character statistics to see your attributes and relations with the factions of the Kingdom.




You can talk to the innkeeper behind the bar to hear what happened in the Kingdom while you were on a quest and the effects of your actions, to know who is the best hero around on the leaderboard and to remember the names of the fellow heroes who didin’t make it on the memorial.



To the right you can see some goods from the local merchants. Choose the best equipment and don’t be afraid to spend some money, merchants need to eat too!


retirementFinally, when the day comes, if you are not a corpse mobbed by crows already, you can resign your hero through the empty trophy plate over the bar. Choose the title by which your hero will be remembered then create a new character and embark on a new adventure. Ah! Fresh meat!








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