Just One Line (JOL) is a Gamebook-like – Role-playing indie videogame set in a funny and colorful fantasy world. Create your adventurer choosing from a list of races and backgrounds and embark on a variety of quests with heavy focus on choices and consequences.
Your character will progress by increasing his/her renown and relations with the factions of the kingdom, unlocking new races and backgrounds for your next playthroughs.
Slay evil enemies, rescue damsels in distress, protect the weak and when you sense that your time has come, resign your hero and create a new one. Maybe this time you will be a charming trickster searching for easy money or maybe the most dangerous villain of all times… The choice is yours! But beware of risks: heroes who seek renown carelessly could meet… a bitter end!



  • Choices MATTER: a lot of games say so, but we think none truly mean it. All our quests are linked together and have different paths according to your race, background, attributes and choices made in previous quests. (see more…)
  •  YOUR character, YOUR story: build your character as you wish. Start by choosing a race and background, go ahead with some aesthetic customization and finally shape him into a valorous hero or a ruthless villain. Morality and honor will change according to your choices. (see more…)
  • High replay value: quests’ spawn is semi-random and every quest has interactions or even entire branches only acessible to certain backgrounds/previous quests’ choices! Everytime you play, your story changes.
  • Will you be the best? When you resign your character you can compete with other players in the leaderboards to be the most renowned hero of the kingdom! (see more…)
  • Short stories, deep stories: we believe wall of texts are NOT needed for engaging the player, Just One Line is our motto. Quest telling is thrilling yet short and straightforward.
  • All about immersion: we feature a unique set of locations in fancy 3D graphics and a mesmerizing OST to aid your imagination when embarking on epic quests. You will be amazed! (see more…)
  • Innovative yet conservative: the concept of our game is a breath of fresh air! However, you could expect everything a role-playing gamer has come to know: races, classes, skills, magic, powerful weapons, unique armors and ancient artifacts.


Do you enjoy classic role-playing games? What about reading fantasy books? Would you like to play a game where what your character does concretely affects the game world?

Just One Line
The choice is yours!


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