The core feature of Just One Line is questing of course!  Any time you go to the Inn you may find notes posted on the questboard. Those notes are actually requests from the people all over the Kingdom who may be in danger or may want to give you a task in exchange for money or other good stuff.

Once you find the quest you think it may be worth accepting, you will leave the inn and travel to the location where your help is needed. There, our quest system kicks in! How does it work?!

Simple: on top the description of the current scene; below, the choices (up to 4). Sometimes, the same scene in different playthroughs might show a different number of choices. BUG?! No, it’s magic! Choices are shown only if you meet their requirements, such as race, background, choices made in previous quests or scenes, a certain attribute value… so new character, new possibilities!

But there is more: some choices reward you with proper bonus or malus. Do you enjoy killing innocent people? Your morality value will surely bend towards evil. Do you like helping every single farmer you meet on your way? The relations with farmers will improve for sure. Will you drink a stinky potion offered by a questionable sorcerer? Maybe your attributes will rise because it is an extraordinary elixir, or you will die because it is a lethal poison. (seriously guys, never take drinks from strangers.)

And there is even more! Some choices are always there for any character you play, however they hide a check on you character: do you want to beat that damn bard who wrote a song about your failures? Easy job for a big Orc or a particular strong character, but if you are a skinny enchanter, think twice!

Choices are the same but they will lead to different results and different scenes. Yes, we are awesome.

As your character embarks on quests, their reputation with the factions changes and his/her renown increases (as a hero or a villain, as the one who can solve any problem or the one who fails at even the easiest of the tasks) thanks to our renown system.

Our quests are extremely tailored on your characters and based on choices and consequences (even across multiple quests). But be careful! You cannot take that your character can make it to the inn alive for granted! Fights and perils might be behind the choice you just made. When your character dies… they die! That’s it! Start over again and embark on new quests or old ones in which you can make different choices. The fun is endless in JOL!


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