Your Character

In Just One Line you have access to 4 races and 10 backgrounds, each providing a special set of features. Select a race and a background, enter a name and you are ready to go! But wait! Why not customize him/her a bit more? Select the skin color, hair style, beard, size and your character will be truly unique!

Character Creation

When you are done, you will embark in as many quest as you want (or until something bad happens to your character). During your playthrough you will be able to improve your reputation with the factions and unlock new backgrounds for your next characters to come.


Character Retirement

Every good story comes to an end. When you are satisfied with the results achieved by your hero you can resign him and start a new one. This not only let you play as  a new character, but is the only way you have to save your progress. Let’s say you unlock all the races and backgrounds with one playthrough but you are eager to succed in every quest and you keep playing and playing and playing… until you die because you meet someone stronger than you (and you will). Not only your hero is dead and won’t be in the leaderboards (a dead hero is useless no matter how powerful he was in life) but all the hard work he did creating a net of contacts with all the factions will die with him. So here is the dilemma: will you be wise enough to know your limits? Will you stop when you still can and save all your hard work or will you keep pushing yourself to the limit seeking for more glory and renown?

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